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Here's what some of our clients have to say

Client 1

Hi I’m Sibongiseni Siwata, I’m very thankful to Buddibox and I see today our children today looked very beautiful whilst they were working, we were also inside working and weren’t able to go to the shops and we managed to receive hampers and we saw it was a beautiful thing we are extremely happy. We were able to get mielle meal and rice. We hope buddibox continues to grow and that God blesses it

Client 2

Thank you Buddibox. They are able to deliver to us and as someone who receives a grant I no longer have to struggle and catch a taxi to go to the shops. They are able to deliver the goods to us with their bikes directly to our houses and thank you for opening the containers for the youth and our children to now have jobs there.

Client 3

My name is Lindewane. I’d like to thank Buddibox for the jobs they’ve given the young people in Tembisa to grow the company and how they’ve helped grow the community that we all live in. I’d also like to thank them for the initiative to deliver food in the community to people in their houses which is something that they are not used to it and thank you for the vans that you’ve given them that has given them the opportunity to do deliveries.